Release Notes

PathAway GPS 5 Express Edition
for Symbian Smartphones

Revision History

Version 5.30.24 -Feb 16 2012
- Fixed problems running on Nokia Symbian Belle OS.

Version 5.30.16 -Jan 7 2011
- Fixed memory leak using X-Traverse maps.
- Improved reliability of WebMaps downloading

Version 5.30.12 -Oct 7 2010
- Minor fixes.
- Improved WebMap downloading
- Auto Import fixed.
- WebMap Cache Folder now defaults to a Storage Card if one is available

Version 5.30.09 - Aug 16 2010
- Added: KMZ import/export
- Added: WebMaps (Download OpenStreetMap, Google, USGS Topo)
- Added: X-Traverse Topo Map support to WebMaps (Account required)
- Added: Enhanced support for Google Earth. Draw lines on Google Earth and export to PathAway as a track .
- KML Export. Tracks and Routes name put under <Placemark> as well as <Folder> for some importers that don't recognize <Folder>
- This version will not load older preferences due to some of the structural changes.

Version 5.21.07 - Mar 24 2010
- Fixed: Projected maps broke in 5.21.06.
- Fixed: Import not showing file extensions in uppercase.

Version 5.21.06 - Mar 12 2010
- Added: Improved Google Earth KML Import/Export.
- Now PathAway Icon databases are online, so proper Icons can now be viewed in Google Earth. The Icon Mapping table is also editable in the file in C:\Data\PathAway\PWIconTable.csv
- Added: Support for HTML based notes. KML files imported with HTML Points of Interest will now be retained and viewable in PathAway.

Version 5.21.02 - Jan 15 2010

Initial Release