Source code for PathAway map converting library (PWMapLib)

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Source code for PathAway map converting library (PWMapLib)

Postby jkaplan » Thu Jul 28, 2005 6:36 pm

Is the PathAway Map converting library (PWMapLib) available in source code form? Does it rely on other proprietary libraries or software? If the source code is not available, would it be possible to have precompiled binaries of the library for Mac or Linux?

I am interested in developing a command-line interface for creating PathAway format maps for Palm OS that could run on Linux or Mac platforms. Such a utility could be extremely powerful if it were interfaced with existing raster GIS translation tools, such as GDAL. Essentially one could translate from any number of georeferenced raster map formats to use with PathAway.

I've downloaded and had a look at the Windows PathAway Map conversion tools, and seen that the PathAway map API should be simple enough to use. With the source code, it would be possible for developers to prepare Mac and Linux versions of the library and create utility conversion programs from that.

Thank you for your and for developing a very nice product!


J Kaplan

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