Differences with Android? User expectaions may exceed dev's

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Differences with Android? User expectaions may exceed dev's

Postby nateccnn » Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:39 pm

Pathaway for Android is going to be a different flavor than we are used to, right? With Capacitive touch screens I imagine one of the challenges is adding a way to tap the screen to add a way point. The WinMo versions of phones used resitive touch screens that use styluses that allow pretty precise points to be entered. But with capacitive touch using a finger instead of a stylus the area you touch is much bigger. This may cause frustration from the user's standpoitn as he won't be able to place a way point in an exact location. The foot print of the touch point is much bigger in capacitive touch.

I suppose the user could zoom in real close so that the wide footprint is made smaller. Pathaway could also allow the use of the DPad or track ball to move the waypoint after it is initially entered with the finger touch.

I have not found any products currently available on the market that allow entry opf a way point by touching the screen. If Patahaway offers such a solution I think this will put it ahead of other products.


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