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Diff feature

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:47 am
by kaosmaki
I use PathAway on each free day for walking tours.

As a walker I am slightly slow and GPS is not that exact. But the route that I create (btw: using are more exact. So what I would love are calculated data that are based on the difference between the total route and the remaining part to go. For example:

1. the calculated traveled distance (route length - distance to destination)
2. the calculated arrival time based on the average speed.
3. the speed to go if a specific arrival time is wanted

I guess, the average speed is calculated on the tracked time, is that correct? It would be nice to have the average speed for the last x minutes - or - a pause-awareness, since otherwise I always got the brutto time, not the netto walking time.

Just some ideas...