Zire 72, power and economy mode

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Zire 72, power and economy mode

Postby Guest » Fri Nov 18, 2005 6:41 pm


I am using the trial version (Pathaway 3): Zire 72 with a 256 SD card, Holux GR-230 Bluetooth. My first test today: track my trip from home to the office. I did not install a map yet, so I used the blank virtual map.

My Zire 72 turned off twice during the trip, due to my general power-saving configuration (turn off after one minute of inactivity). When I turned it back on, there was a small "lock" icon in the place of the satellite antenna icon. I had to manually restart the GPS connection, and it seems that I lost the track points (that would have been recorded otherwise) while the PDA was turned off.

- is it possible to leave Pathaway running in the background, even if the PDA turns off? So that I don't miss any points?
- or can it automatically turn on and off every x seconds to acquire a point (as Tracker does)?
- or, is there an "economy mode" where the Zire stays on, but the screen turns off after x seconds? (again, like Tracker)

My concern is that, if I need to keep the Zire turned on and running during all the trip, with Bluetooth active, and screen on, I'll have less than an hour of battery! I can solve this with an adapter in the car, but not if I wish to have a long walk -- I don't usually carry a 12V truck battery in my backpack.... :? .



Zire 72, power and economy mode

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:40 pm

PathAway 4 solves these problems with a new "Pocket Mode": screen is turned off and keyboard is locked. The user can leave the Palm in the pocket, capturing GPS coordinates from the Holux GPS via bluetooth, but with a much lower power comsumption.

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