Using giant maps

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Using giant maps

Postby Bitman » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:20 am

Great program! I have a long-standing dream of loading USGS DOQ images onto my iQue, and this program *almost* handles it. DOQs are extremely large: uncompressed, they're about 44 MB, but PathAway packs them down to 17 MB.

Here are some of the use cases where it falls over:

* Under Options->Maps, pick a DOQ, click calibrate, change anything: I get an "out of memory" error. Likewise when changing the "transportation mode".

* At the 0.17 mile scale, it performs well. 0.34 is OK, but at 0.69 it's already taking too long. This is especially critical on the iQue, as the battery is notoriously weak, and this much processing might kill the battery while in the field.

* Zooming out, it slows way down; if I try to display the whole map, it can take several minutes. There's no 'cancel' button, so the whole Palm is hung while this is happening. A cancel button would be nice, but it would be even better if the desktop tool could pre-resample the map, and save several different scales to the file.

* If I zoom in past the 0.01 mi scale, the map disappears. (The map is too coarse for that scale, but that's beside the point.) The scale meter on the screen says "0.00mi", and I suspect it really is zero. That's not useful; it should either stop at 0.01, or keep dividing by 2 to get 0.005, etc.

* Desktop program is extremely slow; importing a DOQ takes several minutes and around 300 MB of memory. It's tolerable for now, but preparing a gig or two of these things could get tedious.

* The desktop program reports a "4 bit (16 grays)" mode that doesn't deliver. It looks like I'm getting 4 grays out of a 16 *color* palette. If the palette is color, the program shouldn't claim its gray. If it's gray, then something's broken, as I resampled the image in Gimp to 4 bits, and got a much better picture.

* The program needs to handle gray images better. My Palm is 16-bit, but I'd prefer to use 4-bit or 8-bit gray to keep the file size down. I'm stuck with 8-bit color now which takes 17MB, but displays a grainy 4-bit picture.


Postby Bitman » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:33 am

BTW, this is the version 4 trial, running on an iQue 3600 with 512MB SD card.

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