Problem with referencpoint-values

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Problem with referencpoint-values

Postby Gerhard » Wed May 16, 2007 9:37 pm

Dear support!

After calibrating some maps I sent them via hot-sync to the memory-stick(MS).In PW it was immediately visible that the terrestric location of the maps is not correct.I checked them in maps/details/calibration and recognised the values of the calibrationpoints changed.(Degrees correct minutes wrong).I did some checks:the values seem to be correct on the MS,I sent a map back to the PC and checked that in the MM.After trials it is clear that the selected mapdatum (Croatia) causes that change:usingWGS84(a wrong datum to this maps) the values get correct.Just for testing I selected other datums-the values change at each.When I correct the values in PW occasionaly it crashes.If I understand a navigationsystem correct the map datum must not have an influence to the map-positionig, but exactly that happens.I guess there is somthing between the maps and PW which causes that corruption.You may have an idea where the bug is located, if not I need an instruction for a proper setup, i.e. what datafiles should be removed from the handheld ,the MS and the backupfolder.Or may I send you the PW-
Thank you for help.

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