GPX Files and PA 4

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GPX Files and PA 4

Postby voyageurs60 » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:43 am

Is there a turorial for how to download waypoints for caches
from - GPX files to PA4?

If not how does one do this?

Thank you,

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Postby Dodger » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:56 am

First - You should be aware that PA is somewhat "limited" in the amount of information it imports from GPX files - It extracts the waypoint name, the short description and the long/lat and that's pretty much it. It doesn't import any of the notes, the long description or any of that.

I generally import the GPX file twice into my Palm TX - Once for Pathaway and once into CacheMate - I use Cachemate as a geocache database (You can read all of the cache info, mark your finds, etc...).

To get GPX files into PA, because of previous issues with the relatively new "GPX Import" function in PA (was causing resets) I have gotten used to converting the GPX files to Pathaway format using the Windows GUI edition of GPSBabel. (

To do the conversion using the GPSBabel GUI:

1. Select the input file,
2. Choose the correct input format (in this case, "GPX XML"),
3. Choose where you want the output to be stored,
4. Choose the output format
5. Press the "Let's Go" button

The GPX will be converted to a PA format PDB file.

Either hotsync the file to your PDA, or do as I do - Using a card reader, copy the PDB file to a folder on your SD card that has been registered in PA as a recognized folder.

Do NOT pop the SD card out of the PDA while PA is running... It will cause PA to "forget" all of the SD card folders you have registered in PA and you'll have to re-register each of them after you put the SD card back in. (A royal pain when you have a dozen or so folders registered in PA for various things) - Shut PA down before popping out your SD card for any reason...

You can verify that the points are correctly imported by going to the Options/ "Point Databases" - Ensure the one you just imported shows in the list & has a checkmark beside it, indicating that it is active. Your points (geocaches) should now show on your map screens.

Alternately, you can import the GPX files directly (without converting through GPSBabel) by copying the GPX file directly to a registered folder on your SD card, then in PA, choose Options/Point Databases. In the Points screen, in the "Database" pull-down menu, select "Import", navigate to the folder where your GPX is, select the GPX, and import it that way.

Good luck!


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Postby voyageurs60 » Fri Nov 09, 2007 1:54 am

Thank you for the responce.

I also have installed CacheMate on my phone for more complete information.

Figured out gpsbabel for making creating the pdb and gpx and PA files from GSAK.

What I am having problems with is understanding how to register
folders on the SD card and transferring. Currently I have been
syncing 1 file at a time to PA - strange thing is it changes the
name from PA WayElk to PathAway Waypoints on the unit.

Can I transfer these pdb files directly to the SD card?

If I transfer the gpx files to the SD card does the directory matter?
Using the import function will more information be included?

Finally on another topic can we create or use bit map bmp files for
icons for use on PA? If so what are the requirements - size, color etc.

Thank you for all your help.

voyageurs60 (Dan)

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Postby Dodger » Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:58 am


Generally, when I want to make files available to PA, I simply copy them from my PC to whatever directory on the SD card I want using a card reader. It is MUCH faster that attempting to hotsync your files to the card via the PDA.

To "register" which folders on your SD card you wish PA to search for your map, track and route files, in PA, go to Options/Folders. This is where you add the various folders so that PA knows where to look for the files.

It doesn't really matter how many folders, or what you call them, but I have tried to organize mine logically to make it easier for me to find stuff - I have a 2 Gig SD card called "2Gig", and have divided it up as follows:


When you're selecting folders to add them, tap the actual folder image to "open" it to view its contents, but tap the folder NAME if you just wish to "select" it in order to add it.

Then simply put the GPX files you've converted using GPSBabel into the appropriate folder & PA will find it. If you want to import a GPX directly, again, copy it to your SD card (doesn't matter where), then choose Options/Point Databases, then on the Points screen menu, choose import, then navigate your way to the appropriate folder/file on your SD card. The pertinent location details for each point will then be imported into the PA database.

As for icons - I believe there is some information either in the forums here or in some of PA's accompanying documentation that talks about the icon properties.


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