Pathaway 4 funnies ....

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Pathaway 4 funnies ....

Postby tez » Sun Apr 30, 2006 4:12 am


just running the latest and greatest pathaway 4 and found a couple of funnies I thought the developers might like to look at.

Im running OS 5.0 on a Sony Clie TG50 with Pathaway4 4.00.30

Sound selection :

In options->preferences->alarms->edit for any of the alarms listed, when selecting "..." to include other sounds, pathaway 4 simply returns to the alarms selection screen without allowing a search for a new alarm sound.

Conversely if editing an individual sound, like for a specific point for example, a list of directories is displayed. However I cant find any information on what file or file types are to be selected, as nothing valid appears on the selection list. Is pathawya looking for wav file or something else ?

View Display

On the same device the satellite data view is unreadable. It displays only 6 and a half lines of info, which partly overlay the menu at the top. Obviously a graphics problem somewhere.


I run crashPro which has so far detected two crashes.

The first one was after I left pathaway running (but the device powered off) overnight, when I got line 3675 Invalid Chunk ptr. I suspect this happened when the device was woken up for something overnight.

The second was when exiting Pathaway 4 by jumping to Megalauncher. This gave Illegal Instruction 0008 at 00E73602.

I have never had pathaway 3 crash and have been using it for a long time now.

If these observations are of any interest to the developers and any more info is required, please just ask.


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