Device crash/soft reset when calibrating maps on-device

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Device crash/soft reset when calibrating maps on-device

Postby tez » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:11 am


Pathaway4 is getting good ! It can still crash the device though, here's the latest crash I stumbled upon :

I have spent some time trying to reproduce this 100%, Ive come close but its time consuming so I hope this is enough. For me this crashes the device about 90% of the time, there's obviously a factor Im missing.

Import a jpg into Map Manager. Save the prc without calibrating. I do this because the on-device calibration is so neat, quick and easy since I can simply view the map and use pre-defined calibration points from Google Earth I have saved in my points database. Much faster than Map Amnager because it cant reference pre-defined points.

Anyway, open the uncalibrated map on the device, opt to calibrate it using 3 known points. Add the 3 known point. After the 3rd point decide you dont want to calibrate the map and cancel.

90% of the time, for me, this will crash the device.

The reason I might cancel is I notice the helpful distance circles are oval while Im calibrating, telling me one of the points is incorrect.

I have also tried saving the calibration even though I know it to be incorrect. I have then re-entered and updated the incorrect point, but again cancelled because it still wasnt right. This also crashes the device, but less often.

If I save the map as a workaround, with an incorrect calibration point, I get strange results including display of the wrong map while calibrating the 3rd point, and the point being displayed way off the map. It has also caused me to be unable to successfully save new/correct calibration points on the map (especially when Pathaway displays the incorrect map). Not too surprising I guess if Pathaway is given wrong calibration points, although the handling of this error could be better. However, that's why I end up cancelling the calibration.

I dont seem to be able to do this from a map that has already been calibrated from the desktop, but that doesnt mean it cant also crash the device when cancelling of course. Perhaps I could if I put in some incorrect calibration points in Map Manager - but that's too time consuming to try.

This problem has been there since at least v33, I just havent reported it because I didnt put in the time to work out how to reproduce it reasonably reliably.

Unfortunately crash Pro only reports "soft reset", which isnt much help.

Hope this helps you locate the problem.


(PS Im using a Palm TX, OS 5.4.9 and Pathaway 4.00.39 - couldnt see an release list for what .40 fixed so I havent taken it yet).

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