maps fail to initialise

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maps fail to initialise

Postby tez » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:12 am

I have Pathaway 4.00.40 running on a Palm TX with a load of maps on SD card. This works fine.

Im moving to a Palm Treo 650. I have Pathaway 4.00.40 with pjmerc and mathlib (in rom) installed. Selecting the same maps many, but not all, of them report 'Projection iniaialize failed for map : /palm/pathaway/mapname.prc. The screen contains a band of horizontal purple lines across the map.

I can take the very same memory card on which the map in question is located, put it into the Palm TX and it works fine, and comes up calibrated as it always has.

I can also copy the maps to a second memory card, and that works fine in the TX, but behaves as described in the Treo 650.

Clearly there is something different about the Treo 650 that is causing the projection to fail, but the error message doesnt tell me what to look for ?

The problem is 100% reproducable, regardless of soft resets inbetween times.

Trying to find more information to help diagnose this, I played around somewhat and discovered this :

On the Treo if I select a map that fails to initialise from the MAP list, and select 'details', the top and bottom coordination points come up as N90.00000 and S90.00000. When I hit OK, the same projection failed message comes up. However OKing that alert box, the map then comes up appearing to be now corrrectly calibrated. If I again now go in to map listing, details, the calibration coordinates look much more sensible (although I cant be sue they're acccurate). From this point onwards the map appears to behave normally.

So what is it that is causing the map to fail but only on the treo 650, and never on the TX ?

And also what makes it necessary to go into map details on the treo, from where the problem can be made to correct itself (apparently) ?

Are the maps still calibrated, or can I no longer trust the stored calibration (that's a lot of maps Ill need to recalibrate).

Lastly, Im in no hurry to move to the very latest version, but I checked the symptoms are identical on the Treo with 4.00.67.

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