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Out of Proximity Alarm

Postby tez » Sun Apr 30, 2006 4:32 am

For the mariners amongst us who anchor overnight and then worry about the anchor dragging, an increadibly useful feature would be an out of proximity alarm.

At its simplest this would play an alarm if the current position varies by more than x metres from a selected location, initially the same location when anchored.

The simple version has its drawbacks of limited accuracy, since of course with tides your position can legitimately alter as the boat swings around the anchor.

Much better would be specifying an "anchor point" x metres in a specific direction away from the current position. The alarm would then allow the position to rotate around that "anchor point", but would not allow drifting more than x metres outside of a given radius around that point.

The current positional accuracy of the GPS data would need to be taken into account either manually or automatically ie no point specifying a 5 metre drift if the positional accuracy is only 50 metres !

Also it would be far better to have the device (screen) powered off since its mostly going to be used overnight.

This would be a great mod to see in Pathaway sometime ! :-) ......


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