Is a Trimble Recon PDA-GPS compatible?

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Is a Trimble Recon PDA-GPS compatible?

Postby billythekid » Mon Jun 25, 2007 7:13 pm

My iQue3600 died a horrible death - its definitely NOT a field instrument.
Does anybody know if Pathaway is compatible with a Trimble Recon GPS?
I have dowloaded Pathaway (unregistered) on to the Trimle and tried to connect but had no luck. 2 Options why it doesn't work: 1) either because I have previously installed the unregistered pathaway on my desktop and used the FREE 10mins up on adifferent GPS. Thus it won't connect.
2) I haven't got the correct settings, eg baud rate, NMEA output and possibly lots of other things I don't understand.
Any ideas?

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