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Motorola Q (9c Sprint)

Postby buzz » Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:17 pm


A few days ago I installed the trial/beta version of PathAway for Windows Mobile on a Motorola Q9c connected to Sprint.

The installation seems to have been successful, since I get elevation and Lat/Long. Also, I was able to custom-make a simple map and install it okay. It seems to update properly when I walk around. Very cool.

I do have a question about the satellite views. They show no satellites at all. There must be some, since the data seems updated okay. Also, there are varying number of little vertical gold bars on the dashboard. However, the "GPS Sky View" and "Satellite Data View" do not report any satellites.

Also, key response is very slow when the GPS is connected. Very slow...

Finally, will there be an official update and release of the Windows Mobile version of pathAway soon? Currently, I believe there is only the early builds


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Postby TheSnake » Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:57 pm

To answer a couple of your questions..

The Trial version becomes the 'Real' version when the registration code is entered, and the builds that are available are the latest, 4.00.80 at this time.

I'm using 4.00.79 and not having any problems with the Satellite Data and GPS Sky views (although I don't really understand what all the values mean :?) If you can follow your track on the map, but the GPS Sky view does not show lots of red/grey bars, then is it possible that your GPSr is not passing that data to your PDA.

Add to that the fact that your key response is slow, I'd suggest that your GPSr settings are not perfectly matched to PathAway's GPS configuration settings.

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Postby buzz » Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:39 pm

Thanks for the post. My question really had more to do with the transition from Beta release to actual release than from Trial to licensed - sorry I was vague on that one.

About the satellite view, I tried to look at the settings on my Q, and there isn't much for the user to change. It seems that PathAway uses the microsoft intermediate driver, and there isn't much left for the user to do. You may be right though, the intermediate driver may not surface that detail about satellites to using application. PathAway seems to know the *number* of satellites, since the number of bars on the dashboard can vary, but maybe cannot get any other detail through the driver. That's too bad, but I guess not a showstopper :-)

Maybe someone from PathAway can clarify these points.

Thanks again for the ideas,


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