4.00.79 Point Problems

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4.00.79 Point Problems

Postby TheSnake » Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:50 pm

Scott, just a couple of oddities that I experienced today...

No need to have the GPSr connected.

a. Tap 'Options', then select 'Points...'
b. Select any points database (Tutorial Points is a good one!)
c. Tap 'Sort' and select 'By Name'
d. Notice that the points aren't sorted :) same for all sort options.

a. Tap 'Add New Point' icon
b. Type in a new name (but remember the default it originally gave you)
c. Tap the 'Location' tab and enter a Lat and Long.
d. Tap 'Add to Route', selecting 'Navigate to selected point'
e. Tap OKs to return to the map
f. Notice that the route created is not to your new point, but to another point with the default name (the one you remembered above) at the location that was at the crosshairs at (a)
g. Tap 'Show' instead at (d) above. This will not position you at the new point.

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