track export to GPX and LOC

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track export to GPX and LOC

Postby ChrisHT » Sat Oct 25, 2008 2:24 pm

Hello Scott,

there seems to be a problem regarding export of tracks from database to GPX and LOC format.

When exporting to GPX by 'options-tracks-menu-database-export' the header line xsi:schemaLocation (which seems to be longer in version 5 compared to version 4...) has garbage at the end. This can be reproduced most time with 'Bracebridge to Port Carling'. Seems there's a string termination missing.

The export to LOC seems to work with 'Bracebridge ...' but when I export a track that I've recorded the first waypoint gets a tag <name id="<NewTrk>"/>. The import to other programs (and also PathAway) will fail with this because of the '<' in the name.

If you need a .pwtrk file of my track I can send it to you.


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