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Dashboard enhancements

Postby joeuser » Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:47 pm

I really like the half-transparent dashboard items, good work! With a few tiny enhancements here and there, the dashboard could be used as complete replacement for the toolbar and even for some of the screen views.

So let's collect the dashboard quirks here... I'll start.

GPS Status:
*Remove the defunct (=unclickable) +- map scale indicator. It doesnt belong here. Make it a separate one.
*Make it a bit smaller. It's much wider than the GPS-Status in the toolbar and i dont really know why.

MAP Name:
*Make it clickable. Show the map popup menu on click (same as what appears on the +- toolbar symbols).

*Make it clickable. Click could switch to profile view.

* remove brackets from distance unit: 2.5km instead of 2.5(km)
* if there's more than one point in proximity, show the three closest points, one per line:
Rifugio Graffer (4.3km)
Monte Pasubio (30.3km)
Lago di Garda (35km)
* Make the points clickable (each one separately). Show the standard
popup menu for points on click (Details/Edit/Delete/ShowOnMap/NavigateTo/Etcpp)

New dashboard items, required to get rid of the need for some ugly toolbar:

* Menu Popper (standard small pw icon to popup the main menu on click)
* Map Zoomer (clickable +/-/1)
* Alerts on/off
* Add Waypoint
* View switcher

... to be continued ...

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Postby joeuser » Tue Dec 16, 2008 5:11 pm

In general, *every* dashboard item should be clickable and do something meaningful. At the moment, only some of them react. Stuff that only "blinks" and does nothing else on click is wasted screen space.

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Postby joeuser » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:22 pm

the smallest font isnt small enough, please add an XS setting.

also usefull might be a -off- setting for font size, so one could turn off line 2 off a dashboard item completely. for example, i know left/top always shows the height in meters. the 2nd line showing only "m" is wasted screen space.

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