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Database problems

Postby » Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:14 pm

After loosing my waypoints again (see also topic: Loosing all waypoints after PW hangup!) and exiting PathAway hangs up my PDA, I decided investigate more myself. I found folders in the pathaway folder which are not from me and I couldn’t delete. See attachment.
I formatted the PDA totally and installed WM6 Dutch version (want to have the English version, but don’t want to pay license costs again. Who has an idea??) and PathAway R5.00.32. Everything worked nice and fast. Until I installed my old PathawayDBV database, all the problems where there again. When I exit Pathaway it hangs up the PDA. Only when you switch off battery saving and keep the PDA running Pathaway exits the program after about 20 minutes. I think my database contains too much data and seems to be full. I can not delete tracks and waypoints! What do you advice me to do? Can I expand the database? Can I work with multi databases and how to create it? Please would you be so kind to advice as soon as possible?
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