PW 5.030 and Magellan MM6, folders "disappearing"

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PW 5.030 and Magellan MM6, folders "disappearing"

Postby goletto » Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:49 pm


I recently installed PW 5.030 on my Magellan MM6.

I opened a directory on my SD-Card for storage of maps, routes and tracks.

I specified the file folders from this SD-card that PathAway should use to
look for Maps, Point, Route, and Track databases.

I transferred maps from TTQV in the newly specified folders.

I closed PW correctly.

I always shut down the MM6 by pressing the shutdown button for 5 seconds (to prevent a re-start followed by draining the batteries).

The next time when I start the MM6 and then PW 5, I have to re-specify the storage folders.

Very cumbersome.

I de-installed PW 5 on my recent trip in California because I was so frustrated with this behaviour. I used the GPSTuner then instead of PW 5.

I do not know whether this is a problem of the MM6 or PW5.

Other users (refer to Jockel of TTQV) have experienced the same problem with the combination of MM6 and PW 5.

I hope a correction is possible soon.



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