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Still Problems

Postby gpsrookie » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:37 pm

Hi Scott,

i was five days on a bike tour (about 500 km). I still experienced problems with PW5. Often PW5 freezed and i had to reboot my PDA. It seems that it has especially something to do with processing maps and routes. Because when I didn't use active routes or maps I hadn't any problems for long time.

Today I want to import the recorded tracks in TTQ4. So first I copy the tracks into the default folder of PW5 (9 tracks with about 4000 trackpoints each). That worked fine. Then I tried to exit PW5. I wait about 90 min., but in the end the PDA freezed and only reboot helped. At the first 45 min. the windows icon shows working is in progress and keystrokes are possible but with very very slow reaction. What is PW5 doing when exiting the program? Are all databases rebuilt and one trackpoint after the other is proccesed!?

Maybe PW5 does not freeze, but sometimes occupy 99% of processor time? Please help! What could I do to give you more useful information for debugging?

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