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Can Pathaway output NMEA data or interface with an Autopilot

Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 10:50 pm
by Tony deVos
I'm still guessing as to how to get the Auto Pilot wired and communicating with the Pathaway PDA software.

The interface between PDA internal GPS and PDA Pathaway software is internal COM 2 as required by the internal GPS receiver.

External RS232 port COM 1 is energized by the PDA when the software COM port is configured as COM 1, but the software is now not receiving NMEA data from internal GPS which only communicates with the software through internal COM 2. I'm guessing that the COM port configuration in the PDA software is only to configure the port through which the PDA software receives the GPS data as opposed to the port through which the data is output from the PDA software.

The PDA interface that I need to use is external RS232 port COM 1 to the Auto Pilot.

There is no voltage at PDA external RS232 port COM 1 when the PDA software is running and the internal GPS is communicating on COM 2.

So my question is: Is the Pathaway software supposed to have a COM port configuration option to output NMEA data to an external port?
Or is the auto pilot supposed to detect the external port and software and energize the external port on the PDA to receive NMEA data?