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HTC S710

Postby Antheii01 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:08 am


Just installed the trail version of PathAway 5SE on my HTC S710 (in its Orange E650 disguise), and started playing around with it before actually buying it.

But I've got some issue with the "select button" (aka "Center OK button", which is situated between the scroll buttons); in several screens it does not function as expected; in some cases I am unable to select from menu options (and have to use the numerical keys to choose one), sometimes it does not work correctly with drop down menus and I'm unable to choose between any presets given there (eg the "Transportation mode" for a trip).
Neither does the Enter key on the Keyboard work in those in those instances.

Is there a solution for this, or am I overlooking something?

Secondly, possibly related to the above, I am unable to import any Points databases, either in kml or gpx format. It keeps on giving the next error;

Database error - Error 1 executing command
Not sure whether this is because I am unable to actually select the file (as the select button does not work properly in this screen either - I'm not able to choose from the "Type" or "Folder" drop down menus here for instance).

Would like to have those issues solved, because I truly like this program.



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HTC-S710 scrolling

Postby dwinters » Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:45 pm

Recently I upgraded from V4 to V5 and found the scrolling very jittery when using the scroll keys.
I mostly use the program to hold map information for new areas I go into, and only sometimes for the actual GPS function.
I got so annoyed that I went back to V4 and now get nice smooth scrolling again.
Is this a problem with V5 on my HTC-S710?

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