htc diamond2, map.jpg calibrated disapears when GPS lock in

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htc diamond2, map.jpg calibrated disapears when GPS lock in

Postby wulf » Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:03 pm

I use the latest Version of pathaway 5 on an htc dianmond2 winmob 6.5
I have imported own maps in .jpg format 8bit colour in fugawi, calibrated teh map there and exported the map than to pathaway.
I can see the maps there an can sroll it.

But when I use gps, what is my aim , the map disapears an I can only se the rectengular of the gps marker, but no map any longer. I checked the correctnes of the koordinates in Fugawi. Tehe are correct. But after Exporting to pathaway the longitude values in Pathaway are different from the data in before exporting from fugawi.
I entered fügawi for example (Germany Berlin) North 52 29 39.90 East 013 23 11.97.
After export to Pathaway the value for Longitude changes East 017 xxx xx.xx that was before East 013 xx xx.xx

What could be the reason for this mistake?javascript:emoticon(':(')


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