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PW5 on HTC HD2 does not connect properly to GPS

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:22 pm
by relloz
I can demonstrate the problem any time under perfect GPS signal conditions as follows (even though this is not the typical situation, when it shows up!):

- I begin in connected state

- I tap the Connect/Disconnect GPS icon to disconnect

- I tap the Connect/Disconnect GPS icon again to connect.

- The window above the toolbar with the characters of the GPS signal appears, BUT (now comes the problem!): the display of these characters does not change (as it did on my old PDA with PW4) AND it does not close automatically (as it should), even if I wait for many minutes.

- I can use the following trick to become connected: I go to the start-menu and tap the PW5 icon to "re-start it" (it might not be a real re-start), this reliably forces the GPS to become connected.

The whole story in short:

The GPS doesn's connect automatically, as it should, but I have to "re-start" PW5 to become connected. In real life this occurs after the GPS connection ha been lost.

Is there anything I can do to make this work properly?