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Displaying of adjanced maps

Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:47 pm
by aleksandar777

Her is one thing that bothered me....

Area covered with maps had plenty of small maps lets say about 50 maps, very detailed.
And when i approach to the border of one part next to it there is white space. And only when i exit current map and enter white area, then new map displays.
Can it be done that PW displays adjanced maps of same detail level?

I hope you understand what i mean :)


I just installed 5.30 ver.

So, what i ment is something like webmaps from google display...
I have created maps of whole island Thassos, satellite view, zoom level 17 (i think) about 1GB size, 50 parts. And now in PW there is no seamless crossing from one to another map(active map is surrounded by white background).
Displaying a matrix of 3x3 maps(arround central map) would be some compromising solution...