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Just purchased pro version

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:52 am
by WhiskyJackR
Hi Scott,

I just purchased the pro version based upon the excellent reviews shown in I-tunes. I need this app o run on my IPhone and I want to add detailed maps of Morroco and Europe for off road overland trips. I've spent 3 hours trying to work out how to find the right maps, convert them and add them to my iPhone. I have made no progress. The beta version map manager for Macintosh doesn't appear to have any conversion functionality that I can see. I tried a couple of resources for maps but none were recognized. I looked at the of the 3rd party sources referenced in your info and they are for marine charts. I created an X traverse account which then tells me I need to be running Nav X on my device and once I confirm this they will provide a list of available apps. So I searched Nav X and it is a marine chart application for iPhone. I am going around In circles and quite confused now.
Can you tell me for Mac and iPhone where I can get a correct map for Morocco and Europe to run on your app. I need something detailed for off roading in my Land Rover.
Could you then explain to me how I convert this map to run in your app. Can I convert this on a Mac or should I do this on a PC and send the file to my Mac?

Stitching this together is hard, please help.

Kind regards ...... Nick