Importing data in KMZ format

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Importing data in KMZ format

Postby avidboatermn » Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:23 pm

I am running PW Exp v5.63.00.02 on a Lenovo A2109A-F tablet with Android 4.1.1. I have two maps and a route that are in kmz format and would like to use them but when I try and import them I get an import failure. I

I then created a route in PW and exported it in both GPX and KMZ, the GPX file imported while the KMZ did not.

The documentation states that kmz formats are supported. Right now I would have to say the this verision does not, at least not for my tablet.

I did notice that for PW to find them for importing the file extension 'kmz' must be in lowercase, if they are uppercase the will not be listed as available for importing.

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