Problems with nudge calibration

Questions and problems regarding map calibration and conversion.

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Problems with nudge calibration

Postby steenkh » Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:06 pm

I think I have got the general hang of nudge calibration after a lot of trial and error. I have Pathaway GPS 5 Standard, and the manual does not describe a number of the buttons, or at least not very well.

The four left-hand buttons with arrows seem to move the position grid on the map without distortion, and as such they are the easiest to use.

The other buttons with two or four arrows seem to contract or expand the position grid vis-a-vis the map, and it can be very difficult to see the effect. The manual in this case seems to be misleading.

The two right-most buttons with single oblique arrows are simple beyond my understanding. If I press them I get a warning that use of these "sizing commands" will overwrite my calibration points. What does this mean?

The nudge factor in the bottom of the screen works perfectly, but on my Windows mobile 6.1 it is very difficult to use. It is not possible to type in a new value, such as "1", directly. Instead I need to use the scaling arrows in the side, but instead of adjusting the value up or down, I am thrown into a new full-screen panel prompting for an adjustment of the value. It does not matter what I do in this screen, because whether I type in a new value or choose OK or Cancel, I am returned to the nudge calibration screen where the nudge factor has now been adjusted with 1 in the correct direction. If I want to get an adjustment factor of "1", I will thus need to go into that other panel 49 times, which is quite tedious! I am convinced that this is a coding error of some kind.

I can supply screen dumps if you wish me to.

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Postby chriz » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:41 pm

The map calibration via "nudge controls" doesn't work for me too.

Most often nothing happens when tapping an arrow. The map doesn't change a bit.
After tapping the "ok" button (which is sometimes shown as "X", sometimes as "OK", left to the rightmost ("x") button, the map changes.

But after a moment or sometime later the map changes back to the old calibration.
Or other weird things happen: It seems that all currently visible maps are changed a according to the original nudging.

I spent several hours for trial and error to find out what is happening but it wasn't successful. Only frustrating.

Has anyone used the nudge controls successfully?

Scott, is this a known problem?

May it be possible to get an updated description of the calibration buttons since the manual isn't accurate regarding this?

(I'm using the current version of Pathaway (older ones had that problem too) on Windows Mobile)

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