PWMapConvert, problems with grid and crop

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PWMapConvert, problems with grid and crop

Postby xombul » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:02 pm


I tried to use PWMapConvert using these two options. The documentation is not very explicit about what they do, but I tried the following:

- for the crop (x,y,w,h), I had a big map image file, and I wanted to extract a rectangular part in it, for which I know the top-left, bot-right long/lat.
I then used big-file.jpg as the input file, the subrectangle coordinates in pixels as x,y,w,h parameters, and the long/lat of these points as long/lat parameters.
Once in PathAway, the image is actually cropped to the desired rectangle, but the calibration is gibberish.
Is this how it is supposed to work? Did I make a mistake?

- for the grid stuff, I had 9 tiles from cutting a big map image file in a 3x3 grid,
I named this tiles "big-A1.jpg" etc, and I tried:
PWMapConvert big-A1.jpg,big,,,,,A1,(...long/lat params for tile...)
PWMapConvert big-A1.jpg,big,,,,3,A1,(...long/lat params for tile...)
In the fisrt case I get a big.prc file with... the last processed tile.
In the latter case I get 9 big_[ABC][123].prc files with... nothing inside (~60k files, considered empty by PathAway).

Last, can I combine croping and griding? Something like,
PWMapConvert big.jpg,big,xa1,ya1,wa1,ha1,3,A1,(...long/lat params for tile...)
etc. for [ABC][123]?

Thanks for your help!
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Postby xombul » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:41 pm

Crop again - I realize: are the "crop values" meant to be:
1- coordinates in pixels, of a rectangle that will be cut in a larger image to make the map (limited to that rectangle),
2- coordinates in pixels, of a rectangle for which long/lat parameters are known, to make a map whith the whole image, but giving long/lat parameters for the inside rectangle instead of the corners of the whole image?

In the user manual, "crop value for the map in pixels" is quite vague (and this is quite the same thing for the GridCount and GridGenerate parameters, a more detailed explanation about what it does, and possibly an exemple of use would be very precious...)

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