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making maps

Postby macro » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:23 am

Hello, I still havent purchaed pathaway4, but so far while evaluating I think i might. Before I actually do purchase it, I am trying to figure out one final thing. First off, im planning on using this for snowmobiling. In one of the regions I go with my buddies, the signs are limited and we got lost numerous times, and delaying our return by hours at times. I know I can already record myself and just follow it the track back, but I want to be able to have stored snowmobile trails in my palm and be able to somewhat generation routes on the fly. Or look around to find other ways back home. The fcmq snowmobile federation of Quebec offer their trails in kml format. The thing is, there is way to many points to import at once. I want to cut this up to regions. Also I dunno if I shoould paste the trails over a map, or just have a plain geographical map and have tracks of the trails per map in a seperate db's. I am up for any input on how I can organize this data and use pathaway in this kind of cituation.

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