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Point icons

Postby andrixnet » Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:37 am

I've created a new set of icons for geocachers, expanding on the 2 icons found in the GRM database.

Primary intended use was intended for Geocaching.com and was designed for many of the specifics found on their site, but with a more general use also in mind.

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Geocaching icon database

Geocache             - treasure chest, generic geocache
Geocache hidden      - cache hidden by user
Geocache found       - a happy hunter
Geocache NOT FOUND   - a sad hunter
Geocache MISSING     - cache is missing, have it marked
Geocache waypoint    - generic cache, waypoint
Geocache archived    - used to exist, this was archived
Geocache traditional - a traditional geocache
Multi-cache          - a multi-stage geocache
Multi-cache waypoint - used to mark the stages of a multi-cache
Multi-cache final    - the final location/stage of a multi-cache
Mistery cache        - mistery cache, any other type of cache that needs a puzzle
Mistery waypoint     - used to mark the stages of a mistery cache
Mistery final        - the final location/stage of a mistery cache
Event cache          - location of geocaching event
Geocaching.com       - icon based on the Geocaching logo

As there are many types of caches, also multiple-stage cache hunts, I've created icons for each situation, also for several more cases of a hunt's end, other then a successfull find.

Icons may seem broken in the screenshot, but this is due to the 12x11 size limit of the menu. Icons are created a bit larger.

Have fun and happy hunting!
Screenshot of the icon selection drop-down
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Point icons for geocaching
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