PW5SE and WM6.5

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PW5SE and WM6.5

Postby roty » Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:51 pm


I recently changed to a PDA with WM6.5 Classic. PW5SE seems to work
so far, but it's not fully tested yet (I'm waiting for spring ).

The only issue I found until now is, the HARD KEY # 4 (on/off key)
does not work. PW5 on the old PPC2003 machine was ok.

Is it just a problem of my configuration?
Has anybody experiences with WM6.5 and PW5 ?

Another problem I have does not belong to PW5, it's more a WM6.5 issue
I guess.

With the old PDA, I started PW5 via Mortscript. This allowed me to do some
system settings (brightness, volume, etc.) before PW5 start , then PW5
start and go back to the previous settings after PW5 had been terminated,
just by a single click.
However, some of the Mortscript features do not work with WM6.5.
Is there another way (script language, tool, etc.) to do the mentioned
settings with WM6.5 ?

(would be nice if PW could do some kind of "Pre PW-start and Post PW-exit"

Thank you


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