WM 6.5 and PW 5 SE

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WM 6.5 and PW 5 SE

Postby jrkoch » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:06 pm

I am using Pathaway 5.30.20 on a Getac PS 535 PPC with WM 6.5 OS. When I select the menu 'Manage Trips ..." I get a window with my trips. The problem is that I can't scroll the window. When I use the scrollbar the window moves only by a few mm but not through all my trips. Also moving the window by finger touch doesn't work. What can I do?


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Postby roty » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:46 pm

Hi Jürgen,


I'm using a GETAC PS535F . I also noticed what you described.
I was not aware of it, because I did not yet copy all trips and tracks
I own. Now I coppied all and found the same issue!

Additionally I found some further general problems. Maybe it's helpful
to know about . See below. If you aware of additional issues with
the PS535 , please let me know.



GETAC PS535F Flexible:

This can not be found in the description of the PS535F:
(my personal experiences)

1. WLAN does not work for channel 12+13 (important for Europe)
(confirmed by GETAC)

2. A WLAN scanner never displays the correct WLAN channel
(not denied by GETAC, but it is possibly a scanner issue. I found
a scanner which delivers usable channel numbers)

3. Hardkey #4 (ON/OFF button) can not be used by applications
at all (confirmed by GETAC).

4. If an application uses hardkeys #2 and #3, it will just work
correctly if the system application behind the key has not
been started yet. These tasks must be terminated by the
task manager before starting the application for proper operation.

5. Due to missing X in the task bar (cancel/quit/exit/close),
programs which basically work, can not be used if they do
not offer a way to terminate itself or sub applications.

Could be that the reasons for some of the above mentioned problems
are not caused by GETAC. Nevertheless, the user must be aware
of these restrictions if one uses PW5 on that machine.

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