Many features in this app ?????

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Many features in this app ?????

Postby John-Deere » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:13 pm

Iam new in this forum and want to ask something before I want to
buy this app.
Iam Geocacher and go often by bike in the nature.
I but some map-app, but all the have not all the features.
So I ask these features, which I want to have in ONE app.

Offline-Karten (OSM, Bicycle, GoogleMaps, Sat, ...)
Routing mit Alternativstrecke oder Auswahl über Bicycle, Car, Walking
Routing über mehr als 8 Zwischenstationen automatisch (Limit GoogleMaps)
Import von gpx-file aus Dropbox, Email oder anderen Programmen
Import von gpx-file aus Garmin-GPS, Wegpunkte aus
Import von Wegpunkten einzeln oder alle zusammen als POI
Editiermöglichkeit von importierten gpx-Strecken
Export eigen erstellter Strecken als gpx zu Dropbox, Email

Scanning the way
Offline-maps (OSM, Bicycle, GoogleMaps, Sat, ...)
Routing with alternative route or switch like bicycle, car, walking
Routing with more than 8 Stations automatically (Limit GoogleMaps)
Import gpx-file out of Dropbox, Email or other programs
Import gpx-file from Garmin-GPS and waypoints from
Import waypoints simple or together as POI
Be able to edit imported gpx-route or track
Export tracks and routes as gpx to Dropbox, Email

I hope you can answer to all my features-questions

John Deere

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