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PathAway GPS 5
for Android Smartphones & tablets
PathAway GPS 5
for iPhone/iPad/iPod
PathAway GPS 5
for Windows
Mobile Handhelds
PathAway GPS 5
for Symbian Smartphones
PathAway GPS 4
for Palm Powered Handhelds

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"GPS tool of the Gods"

"A Homerun!"
Mike Benton

"Look no further"
Russ Smith

"PathAway has all conditions to dominate"

PathAway GPS

Outdoor Navigation, Mapping, and Tracking Software

for Mobile Smartphones and Handheld Devices

  PathAway on iPhone/iPad    PathAway on iPhone/iPad
PathAway on iPhone/iPad
PathAway on iPhone/iPad
For Android Smartphones and Tablets For iPhone, iPad, iPod
PathAway on Nokia/SymbianPathAway on Nokia/Symbian PathAway on Windows Mobile
 PathAway on Nokia/Symbian
For Symbian™ and NOKIA™
PathAway on Windows Mobile
For Windows Mobile™ Phones and PDAs

PathAway is all-purpose GPS navigation, mapping, and tracking software for mobile devices.

PathAway is useful for off-road navigation and tracking activities such as aviation, boating, off-road driving, hiking, cycling, touring, geocaching, rally racing, motorcycle touring, athletic training, ballooning, fishing, hunting, paragliding, mountain climbing, ultra-light flying, canoeing, snowmobiling, scuba diving, outdoor education, mapping/GIS, mining, military training, surveying, site inspection, telematics, field data collection, search and rescue, or any application where location is important.

With PathAway you can choose between Lite, Express, Standard or Professional Editions. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional.


  • Lite Edition for Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad, NOKIA/Symbian
  • Express Edition for Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad, NOKIA/Symbian
  • Standard Edtions for Windows Mobile, PalmOS
  • Professional Edition for Android and Windows Mobile

PathAway Lite, Express, Standard and Professional Editions:

  • GPS Navigation with most GPS Devices (including Bluetooth)
  • Wirelessly download maps from the web on-the-fly (WebMaps). No need to calibrate and install maps beforehand. Includes support for Google™ maps, Terraserver, OpenStreepmap.com, OpenCycleMap.com
  • Intelligent Moving Map Display
  • Add Personal Points of Interest/Waypoints with icon, photo, and notes
  • Capture Photo Points from internal camera.
  • Multiple Point Databases
  • Record and Follow your Tracks
  • Point to Point Routing
  • Proximity and off-track Alarms
  • Onscreen Trip Statistics on a Customizable Dashboard
  • Multiple coordinate grid display including lat/long, UTM, OSGB, MGRS, MGA and many more.
  • Map View, Compass View
  • Map Projections, UTM, OSGB, and Datum support
  • Support for Google Earth KML/KMZ, GPX, LOC, or text delimited data

PathAway Express, Standard and Professional Editions:

  • Create and Import your own Maps using PathAway Map Manager. Import Worldfile, JPR, GeoTiff, or any bitmap image
  • Many Map Projections support.
  • Display BSB/KAP maps without conversion.
  • Automatic map rotation while navigating.
  • X-Traverse.com support for transferring data to and from web
  • X-Traverse online Topo and marine maps support.

PathAway Professional Edition:

  • All of the features of Express and Standard Editions plus new features targeted towards power users and professionals
  • Send your Location to other PathAway users or to a central tracking service. Http and SMS support.
  • Monitor other remote locations on your handheld.
  • Left/right, high/low directional alarms;
  • Area Calculation and Distance Measurement.
  • Transfer Data To and From Garmin, Magellan, and Data Logger GPS Devices
  • Additional Customizable Map View screens
  • Map Calibrate and adjustments on the device.
  • Show all or multiple recorded tracks and routes.
  • Windows Mobile only (so far)
    • Advanced Track and Route Editting features such as Split, Join, Duplicate
    • Support for Garmin IMG Vector maps.
    • Calculate new Location from relative distance and direction (great for Geocaching);
    • Pace-keeping features for racing, training, or arrival-time scheduling;



Latest News..

Sept 2013
PathAway Professional Edition released for Android Smartphones and tablets

May 2012
Direct BSB/KAP support added for Android and iPhone/iPad

Nov 2011
PathAway Express Edition released for Android Smartphones and tablets

Jan 2011
PathAway Express Edition released on the iPhone/iPad/iPod

Nov 2010
PathAway LE released on the iPhone/iPad/iPod

Aug 2010
Downloadable online maps (WebMaps) added to all
PathAway Editions

Jun 2010
PathAway Mapping Software used for Disaster Relief Assessment in Haiti and abroad

Mar 2010
PathAway How To's - Create and view PathAway Trips in Google Earth

Jan 2010
New Release! - PathAway for Symbian and Nokia Smartphones

Oct 2009
PathAway GPS 5 for Windows Mobile - Updated!

More news ..

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These companies provide maps and Desktop Mapping Software to create and manage PathAway maps, routes, points, and tracks.

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