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PathAway GPS 5
for iPhone/iPad/iPod
What's New

PathAway Express Edition
PathAway Express Edition

PathAway Lite Edition (LE)
PathAway Lite Edition.

PathAway for iOS
What's New

Revision Notes on Latest Updates

PathAway is revised and improved on a regular basis. All minor updates to the software is Free. Simply download at re-install over your existing implementation.


Release Version - Dec 11 2013
- Improved: All Data management dialogs are now enhanced for easier and more efficient operation. Easily switch between track, route, and point databases.
- Added: Points Dialog: Move to other databases, add from other databases.
- Easily create a route, then add points to it by selecting them from the points list.

Release Version - Nov 4 2013
- Added: Settings->Map Display. Show Route Points, Show Track Points. Now you can turn the display of the route and track points on or off. This is mostly useful for route points when you're following a track as a route and the points are very close together.

Version - Oct 16 2013
- Support for iOS 7 and Retina displays
- Additional German translations

Version - Jan 4 2012
- Added WebMap formats:
ArcGIS World and USA Topos, Natural Resources Canada Topos, FAA USA Aeronautical Charts

Version - Nov 24 2011
- Added: New hires icons
- Fixed: Adjust Point Location broken.

Version - Oct 31 2011
- Added: Point Details View - Tools->Add to Route
- Fixed: Point "Add Photo" not working occasionally
- Added: when Proximity status indicator is shown, Double tap on "Photo Icon" will show the photo.
- Added: Photo viewer now defaults to Fit Screen zoom.
- Fixed: Reset Dialog layout on iPad
- Fixed: New Route, from current position to selected point.
- Fixed: ETE if Following a route in reverse and just past the first point
- Added: Time Estimates when not connected (and not following a track with time data) now based on estimated speed associated with Selected Activity.

Version - Feb 12 2011
- Added: New Activity Icons
- Added: Support for "iTunes File Sharing". For Import, In iTunes->File Sharing, copy data to the PathAway Application main folder. In PathAway, select main menu "Data->Import" option. This brings up a dialog showing the contents of the PathAway Documents folder. Select the files in this folder to Import into PathAway. For Export, use the "Export to File" option.

Version - Jan 24 2011
- Fixed: Memory corruption with large number of Points.
- Added: "iTunes File Sharing" support. You can now "Export to file" and access the exported data files in iTunes. Now, when you connect to iTunes with your iOS device, you can go to the "Apps" section and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see the File Sharing applications. Tap on PathAway to see the data there. Will also be adding "Import" option directly from PathAway, so you can just place your data files and maps into iTunes File Sharing, then Import directly from PathAway.

Version - Jan 12 2011
- Added: "Share via Email" changed to "Export". Export dialog has 2 options "Share via Email" and "Export to Local File".
- Added: "Export to Local File" will save the file to the PathAway private documents directory. This location is only accessible on a JailBroken iPhone.
- Various bug fixes

Version - Jan 11 2011
- Fixed: Auto Select Maps
- Added: Settings->Maintenance: Send Entire Data File, Send Debug Log (debug build only)
- Added: Replace entire database via Import. Ie. Send All Data, save the zip file in email Drafts, then load all of the data via "Open Attachment" in email. All Data will be replaced and program will exit. Restart to use with new database.

Version - Jan 8 2011
- Added: Rotate WebMaps
- Added: Zoom Map menu, including "Choose Map" option for selecting maps in range
- Added: Share Data... dialog with options for selecting format and Zip option.

Version - Dec 14 2010
- New for Express Edition:

  • Support for PathAway .PRC maps. In order to bring in Maps and Data, you will need to either Email them to your device, or create a Web Page and download via a link. PathAway is registered to support .prc, .kmz and .zip files, so you can zip up your maps and Data then PathAway will unzip and import them into your device.
  • Send Data via Email – Select a track, route, or waypoint database and send it via email. This feature can be used if you need to save and reload data in case you need to delete and reinstall the program.
  • Import via Email or Web Link: PathAway is registered to support .prc, .kmz and .zip files. Tap on the item, then choose “Open with PathAway”.
  • Under “Settings->General->PathAway”, there is an option to “Reset Defaults” which will clear all “Settings” and restore them to their original settings. This feature can be useful if your system becomes corrupted or the program won’t start for some reason.

5.50.00 Nov 23, 2010
- Initial Release

November 2010
New Product: PathAway GPS 5 for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Announcing the first iPhone based version of PathAway GPS 5. Now the popular Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS software is available to iPhona, iPad, and iPod Touch users. The feature-set is at the LE level which is a simpler set of features then Express, Standard or Professional. The most significant difference between the LE versions and other Editions is that LE versions use only online WebMaps. No local map support is available. Use of customized user maps is planned for upcoming iPhone Editions of PathAway. For an overview of other differences across Editions, see our PathAway Editions Comparison chart.



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